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For more than 20 years Think Blue San Diego has implemented innovative, proactive steps to stop pollution before it gets into storm drains. But to keep it that way, we must all dive in and do our part. Reducing stormwater pollution in our neighborhoods and communities is easy when We All Think Blue.

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20 Years Of Keeping Our Waterways Clean


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removed from pipes


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debris from streets


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pipes cleaned


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and debris cleared


volunteers at 66 events

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Runaway Sprinklers Reduction

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Pesticide Pollution Prevention

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thinkbluesandiegoSan Diego, California

September 20th, 2023

It’s National Pollution Prevention Week! πŸ§ΉπŸ—‘ To help prevent pollution from entering our waterways, consider applying these three small changes to your lifestyle πŸ‘‡ βœ” Swap plastic water bottles for a reusable water bottle. βœ” Dispose of pet waste into a covered trash bin. βœ” Reduce runoff by not overwatering. πŸ‘‰ Visit bit.ly/ThinkBlueTips to learn how to Think Blue at your home or business. . . . #ThinkBlueSanDiego #SanDiego #PollutionPreventionWeek #CommunityCleanup

thinkbluesandiegoSan Diego, California

September 18th, 2023

Today is World Water Monitoring Day! πŸŒŽπŸ’§ As part of our Five-Year Strategic Plan, Think Blue aims to protect clean water by: πŸ’§ Utilizing innovative science πŸ’§ Optimizing activities like street sweeping and drain cleaning πŸ’§ Identifying high-impact opportunities through scientific studies πŸ’§ Constructing sustainable infrastructure πŸ’§ Collaborating with regulators, legislators and elected officials πŸ’§ Engaging and working with businesses and industries πŸ”— Learn more at bit.ly/TB-FiveYearPlan2023 . . . #ThinkBlueSanDiego #SanDiego #WorldWaterMonitoringDay #StormwaterMaintenance #FiveYearPlan #ProtectCleanWater #CleanWaterCleanBeaches

thinkbluesandiegoSan Diego, California

September 16th, 2023

Happy #WorldCleanupDay! 🌎 There is still time to join us and our partner @ILoveACleanSD at San Diego’s largest cleanup day next Saturday, Sept. 23, from 9 a.m. to noon! πŸ§ΉπŸ—‘ πŸ‘‹ There are more than 100 cleanup locations throughout the San Diego region where you can volunteer. Find one near you! πŸ’¦πŸ’§ πŸ”— Register at CleanSD.org. . . . #ThinkBlueSanDiego #SanDiego #WorldCleanupDay #ILACSD #CoastalCleanupDay #CommunityCleanup #PollutionPrevention #Volunteering

thinkbluesandiegoSan Diego, California

September 15th, 2023

Do you know a teacher interested in environmental education? πŸ’§πŸŒŠ Think Blue proudly partners with @SDCoastkeeper on water education and climate science classes in the San Diego Unified School District. Teachers of K-8 students can sign their classes up for a free, fun and interactive experience. The course – called Project SWELL (Stewardship: Water Education for Lifelong Leadership) — has been accessed by over 600 teachers and taught to over 14,000 students through the years. πŸ‘‰ Check out @sdcoastkeeper’s new website to learn more about their initiatives and how you can get involved. πŸ”— SDCoastkeeper.com . . . #ThinkBlueSanDiego #SanDiego #SDCoastkeeper #ProjectSWELL #Education #STEM #CleanWaterways

thinkbluesandiegoSan Diego, California

September 13th, 2023

Did you know that it is illegal to discharge pollutants from automobiles – motor oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid, etc. — into the storm drain? ❌ That’s because automotive fluids are hazardous waste. ⚠ When those pollutants hit the ground, they must be cleaned immediately to prevent them from entering the storm drain system. πŸ’¦πŸ’§ Discharges can happen through spills, leaking vehicles or even rain and overirrigation. Help reduce pollution and improve water quality by taking these simple steps: βœ” Protect the ground from potential fluid spills by using drip pans, drop cloths or absorbent mats. βœ”Use a funnel when changing automotive fluids. βœ”Collect used automotive fluids and materials in sealable containers and properly dispose of them.. βœ” Use dry cleanup methods such as rags, a vacuum or absorbents (cat litter, sand, etc.) to soak up liquid spills. πŸ‘‰ Learn more at bit.ly/ThinkBlue-AutoFluids. . . . #ThinkBlueSanDiego #SanDiego #StormwaterPollution #StormwaterMaintenance #StormwaterBMPs #AutoFluids #PreventPollution #WaterPollution

thinkbluesandiegoSan Diego, California

September 11th, 2023

Join us, our partner @ILoveACleanSD and Friends of Navajo Canyon for a sunset litter cleanup in Navajo Canyon this Thursday at 3 p.m.! πŸ§ΉπŸ—‘ This cleanup event will remove litter from the San Diego River Watershed and prevent it from entering the Pacific Ocean. πŸ’§πŸŒŠ πŸ”— Sign up at CleanSD.org. . . . #ThinkBlueSanDiego #SanDiego #NavajoCanyon #SunsetSweep #ILACSD #CommunityCleanup

thinkbluesandiegoSan Diego, California

September 8th, 2023

As you may have noticed, the @CityofSanDiego has recently increased street sweeping frequency and implemented parking restrictions in some San Diego areas. 🧹 This is part of the Stormwater Department’s five-year plan to provide clean and green streets, as they are an essential component of the storm drain system, conveying water along curbs and into gutters throughout every neighborhood. πŸ’¦πŸ’§ πŸ”— Read more about how the City plans to ensure clean streets in your neighborhood at bit.ly/TB-FiveYearPlan2023. . . . #ThinkBlueSanDiego #SanDiego #StreetSweeping #FiveYearPlan #StormwaterPollution #PollutionPevention

thinkbluesandiegoSan Diego, California

September 6th, 2023

Hot summer days call for the AC! β˜€ But did you know? Air conditioning condensate has been identified as a source and transport of pollutants hazardous to residents and contributes to ocean pollution. 🌊 If your AC is on, be sure to follow these best management practices: πŸ‘‡ βœ” Direct air conditioning condensation to on-site landscaping to be absorbed by the soil without runoff or erosion. βœ” Direct air conditioning condensate to the sanitary sewer through a direct connection or via a bucket. . . . #ThinkBlueSanDiego #SanDiego #StormwaterPollution #WaterPollution #SanDiegoSummer #StormwaterCompliance #AirConditioning

thinkbluesandiegoSan Diego, California

September 5th, 2023

πŸ“’ The @CityofSanDiego recently updated signage in the Allied Gardens community to reflect new parking restrictions during posted street sweeping times. 🧹 Street sweepers prevent pollutants from flowing untreated into our waterways via the storm drain system. Please help us ensure the sweepers can access the street gutter where pollutants accumulate by doing your part and keeping your vehicle off the street during restricted times. πŸ’¦πŸ’§ There will be a 30-day grace period for parking restrictions ❗ For more information about street sweeping changes: πŸ”— ThinkBlue.org πŸ“ž 619-527-3482 πŸ“§ swppp@sandiego.gov πŸ“° Subscribe to our newsletter at ThinkBlue.org . . . #ThinkBlueSanDiego #SanDiego #StreetSweeping #StormwaterMaintenance #AlliedGardens