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Stormwater Pollution Prevention

San Diego is defined by the natural beauty of its beaches and waterways. The City of San Diego Stormwater Department’s mission is to keep these precious resources clean, safe and healthy.

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Meet San Diego’s Stormwater Champions!

Meet San Diego’s Stormwater Champions!

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Clean water and clean beaches are made possible by clean stormwater. Rainfall that enters storm drains is NOT TREATED, and that runoff collects pollutants from properties and streets and carries them into local waterways.

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Take this 10-question quiz to learn more about stormwater pollution prevention.

About Think Blue San Diego

Stormwater is a leading contributor to pollution in streams, rivers and oceans around the globe. Think Blue works to prevent pollution, stop water waste and keep neighborhoods safe from flooding

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Water Monitoring

Managing Stormwater

Think Blue operates and maintains an aging stormwater system with over 47,000 infrastructure assets, including storm drains, pipes, channels, levees and pump stations. Those assets need over $2.1 billion in upgrades to ensure clean water and clean beaches for future generations.

Action Needed to Avoid Crisis

A recent audit found current funding levels insufficient to handle growing stormwater responsibilities and demanded action. In response, the City is developing a funding strategy to pay for the stormwater system’s current and future needs.

Funding Strategy
San Diego Watersheds

San Diego Watersheds

The City of San Diego has six watersheds that funnel water to a common low point, such as a lake, river or ocean. When it rains, water flows down from higher elevation following the natural shape of the land. Which watershed do you live in?

Help Make a Difference

You can help keep San Diego’s water and beaches clean by reporting stormwater pollution, such as over-irrigation runoff, flooded streets or illegal dumping into storm drains.

Report Stormwater Pollution
Data and Maps

Data & Maps

Think Blue monitors water quality in local watersheds and provides inspections for businesses and construction sites, among other activities, to prevent pollution. A new data visualization tool helps break down the numbers citywide.

Stormwater Services

The City’s Stormwater Department provides vital services that protect our local waterways from pollution and safeguard communities from flooding. You can request a business inspection, view street sweeping schedules citywide and more.

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